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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Beer Festival

It's hard to believe it's almost a year since our first beer festival, and our second starts at 12 00 on Friday.

Friday and Saturday in The Snug and the Midland Hall in the heritage Centre we will be offering 30 beers and 5 ciders. Admission is £4 which is £2 for glass and programme and £2 goes to the funds of the Heritage Centre. Tokens and programmes on sale at the door of the Midland Hall where all drinks are on sale by token only, no cash. The Snug will be cash and tokens.

But as we prepare for the festival we have the following beers on the bar at present:

Stringers-Victoria 5.5%
Clark's-Must Dash 4.3%
Warwickshire-Darling Buds 4%
Boggart-Sundial 4.7%

Lilley's-Rum Cider 4%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

Next up Hawkshead-Cumbrian 5 Hop and Stringers-Plan B.

Hope to see you at the festival, if not before. In the meantime:

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Midweek Drinks

Just a reminder that for those who aren't beer drinkers we have a wide selection of wines, three red and three white with a lovely White Zinfandel and the iconic Mateus Rose. For non drinkers we have a full range of soft drinks, tea and coffee.

The Snug Ukulele Group have had our last gathering before our first public appearance, which will be at The Snug Beer Festival. We will be playing on the Saturday night, 22 November at 6-00pm in or near the main hall in the Heritage Centre. The first day of the festival is Friday 21 November, 12-00 til 9-00 both days.

Please Note: There will be no ukulele night in December. The next gathering in The Snug will be on Monday 12 January 2015.

So, here are the beers and ciders we are offering today:

Barngates-Brathay Gold 4%
Old School-Absent 5.5%
Mayflower-Lancashire Stout 4%
Naylors-Firkin Xxxtreme 7% (not a lot)
Hackney Brewery-Calypso Eldorado 4.6%

Lilley's-Rum Cider 4%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

Friday, 7 November 2014

Xxxtreme Beers for Weekend

The nights are drawing in and things are getting nice and cosy. So here's what we are offering the discerning drinker this Friday as we freewheel into the weekend:

Privateer-Roebuck 3.8%
Bowness Bay-Waterbird Wheat 4.5%
Dark Star-Hophead 3.8%
Naylors-Firkin Xxxtreme 7%
Fell-Smoked Porter 4.5%

Lilleys-Rum Cider 4%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Next up will be Old School Absent and then Clarence and Frederick Croydon Wild Hop.

The Naylors 'Giggly Friday' beer is an absolute cracker but please treat it with the respect it deserves, we'd rather you walk than crawl when you leave us. So here we go with a little number from Inspiral Carpets:

Friday, 31 October 2014

Updates and Weekend Beers

Apologies if anybody has received a dodgy email from The Snug, my account was hacked earlier in the week. There are some very sad people about, and that's much milder than the language I used when I found out.

Don't forget the beer festival on 21 and 22 November, 12-00 til 9-00. Beers have been chosen, glasses ordered and programmes being printed. As last year entry will be £4 which is £2 for programme and glass and £2 donation to the Carnforth Station Trust. The festival starts with five Marble beers in The Snug and twenty five beers in the Furness and Midland Hall in the Heritage Centre. Beers in the hall will be bought by vouchers but cash will be accepted, as well as vouchers, in The Snug.

There will be a Meet the Brewer session with Stuart from Marble. We are still confirming day and time but it will likely be Friday evening when all the Marble beers will still be on. Watch this space.

So, what's on the bar today? Here  we go:

Liverpool Craft-West Coast Pale 6.2%
Boggart-Ray of Sunshine 3.9% (but not a lot)
OSB-Blackboard Mild 3.7%
Wrekin-Wellington Cobbler 4.4%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Radical 4.2%

Next up Bowness Bay-Swan Gold then Fell Brewery-Pills

Pure North-Valley Gold Cider 6%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

We had a great night on Tuesday at the Dukes Theatre,  Lancaster watching John Cooper Clarke. If you've never been fortunate enough here's a little taster:

Friday, 24 October 2014

On The Bar Today

We now have posters (A4 and A3) as well as flyers (A5) to promote our beer festival on 21/22 November, please feel free to take some if you have access to a helpful noticeboard and/or somewhere to leave a few flyers. Alternatively you can copy/download from the blog. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

Today we kick off with a lot of strong stuff but a couple will go today to be replaced by lighter stuff, so don't panic, sometimes that's the way the croissant crumbles as the French say. So here we go:

Front Row-Collapsed 5.6% (but not a lot)
Double Top-Old Stonefaced Stout 6% (not a lot)
Bowness Bay-Friends 5.2%
Marble-Earl Grey 6.8%
Naylor's-Bitter 3.8%

Pure North-Valley Gold Cider 6%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Next up Arbor-Beech Blonde, Fell-Progressive Pale

Now, continuing my 'tenuous link to shoe horn a good band in' habit I give you The Fall from 1981 live in New York:

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Snug Beer Festival

Plans are now almost finalised for our beer festival on Nov 21 and 22. We will have 30 beers and ciders in the Station Heritage Centre and start the weekend with 5 Marble beers in The Snug. This week has been great fun working through lists of breweries and tasting notes to make our selection. Kids in a sweet shop springs to mind.

On the Saturday we will be having a Meet the Brewer session in The Snug at 1-00pm with Stuart from Marble Brewery.  The bad news is that The Snug Ukulele Group will be making their first public appearance on the Saturday night, around 7-30 if we are all compos mentis!

Mike Dillon, the local CAMRA branch chairman is kindly organising volunteer pint pullers again but we are looking for volunteers to help in other ways. If you would like to help for an hour or two please get in touch.

Now here are the beers and ciders we are offering this weekend:

Marble-Lagonda IPA 5%
Clark's-Cambrai 4.2%
Tom Wood's-Bomber County 4.8%
Banks & Taylors-Extra Dry Stout 4.5%
Merrie City-Czechmate 4.1%

Pure North-Valley Gold Cider 6%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

Now then, on the festival theme the Move Festival at Old Trafford cricket ground was always one of my favourites having seen there, over the years Bowie, Suede, Divine Comedy and countless others. One 0f the best nights was Morrissey and here he is. A free pint tonight for the first person who spots Mrs B and I in the crowd and can describe where we were: