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Friday, 25 July 2014

Heatwave-Have A Drink!

On this hot and sunny start to the weekend we have some lovely light ale to tempt you, not to mention the return of the tasty Boggart Rum Porter. We also have our Old Rosie Scrumpy and a cider perry blend, not to mention our range of wines and soft drinks.

So, here are the details:

Boggart-Rum Porter 4.6%
Marble-Dobber 5.9%
Rooster's-Buckeye 3.5%
SevernVale-Nibbly Ale 3.8%
Borough-Halcyon/Cascade Pale 4%

Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Lilley's Crazy Goat 6.8%

In the meantime I am unable to embed videos, don't know whether it's me, the new kit or Windows 8, but that's the situation. So I recommend you pop over to Youtube and have a decko at John Cale singing Dying on the Vine. Sublime.

Friday, 18 July 2014

So, Scorchio Means Overcast and Windy!

On this grey and windy start to the weekend we have on t'bar:

Marble-Earl Grey IPA 6.8%
Blackjack-Beginners Luck 5%
Ulverston-Laughing Gravy 4%
Borough Pale 3.7%
Fell-Robust Porter 4.8%

Gwynt y Ddraig-Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Our next Snug outing is on September 21st and we will be off to the Prince of Wales at Foxfield (no trains there on a Sunday) and Cartmel. Already half the seats on the coach are booked so please get in touch asap if you would like to join us.

Hope you can join us this weekend, especially if you are in the area for the Hawkshead Beer Festival. In the meantime, for those in the ukulele group who haven' heard it before, and for those who just like The Clash, London's Calling:

Friday, 11 July 2014

We're Back!

Profound apologies, due to technological meltdown we have been unable to blog for the last couple of weeks. But, for good or ill, we are back.

Bookings are now coming in for our trip on Sunday 21 September. We will leave The Snug around 10.45 heading to visit our friends at the Prince of Wales, Foxfield. From there we will meander to Cartmel, a treat for lovers of food and drink and the home of Unsworth's Yard Brewery. Price is £12 per person, a right bargain.

Our second birthday is on 1 August. We are still finalising details but it will certainly involve cheese and port.

So, here's what's on the bar today:

Conwy-Honey Fare
Milk Street-Ra
Titanic-Cherry Dark

Gwynt y Ddraig-Two Trees Perry
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy

We now also have prosecco in stock, by the bottle. Bottled beers are currently from Marble, Hardknott and Brewdog. Coming soon a range of 12 Belgian beers and 9 from Stone Brewing Co, San Diego.

This one's for Flo and Stephen who called in yesterday and are visiting from Belize:

Friday, 27 June 2014

Snug Outing and Beer

The next Snug outing will be on Sunday 21st September, leaving The Snug around 10 30am/11 00am returning around 7 00pm. Exact itinerary to be confirmed but it will be two locations around Ulverston/Foxfield/Staveley/Cartmel. Cost will be around £10pp.

The Christmas outing will probably be on Sunday 30 November, again to the Marble Arch and the Manchester Christmas Markets. Worth pencilling in the diary now, confirmation soon.

Our second birthday is on August 1st, which is a Friday this year. Plans are being firmed up for some fun that night and throughout July we will be putting some of our beers from the very early days back on the bar.

But what's on the bar this weekend I hear you ask. Here it is:

OSB-Class of '66 3.9%
Milestone-Loxley 4.2%
Abbeydale-Absolution 5.3%
Eden-Antifreeze (not a lot) 5.3%
Hawkshead-Bitter (not a lot) 3.7%

Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Gwynt y Ddraig Two trees Perry 4.5%

Next up Milestone Black Pearl stout and Hawkshead NZPA.

Hope to see you over the weekend. In the meantime John Entwistle died on this day in 2002, here's a tribute:

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

England's Coming home!

Well, I wish I'd not bothered wasting my time watching England last night. But at least it's over again,  until 2016 when the torture may start again, assuming we qualify that is. Thankfully the headlines are all about 'el Canibal' and not England sneaking onto the homeward bound plane.

So, on the bar this Wednesday we have:

Milestone-Loxley Ale 4.2%
Hawkshead-Bitter 3.7%
Eden-Antifreeze 5.3%
Fell-Tinderbox 6.3%
Ulverston-Fra Diavolo 4.3%

Gwynt y Ddraig-Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

In the meantime, some cheesy 80s pop:

Friday, 20 June 2014

Weekend-Time for a Drink!

Apart from last night I hope you've had a good week and are now easing gently into the weekend.

We are having to rethink the date for our next Snug outing as a few of us are away second weekend in September at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in Huddersfield. Will let you know new date and destination(s) asap. Staveley and Cartmel have been suggested by a few people, any other ides welcome.

So on the bar today we have:

Arbor-Yakima Valley 7%
Liverpool Craft-Hop Beast 4%
Fell-Tinderbox IPA 6.3%
Ulverston-Fra Diavolo 4.3%
Fell-AAA 4.4%

Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Bristol Port Cider 5%

But now, Dance With The Devil from 1973:

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

We're Home!

Why does the fortnight you're away on holiday happen in some kind of parallel time zone that means you seem to be back the day after you went? Having said that we had a wonderful break train hopping our way to Serbia, where the hospitality of our hosts was absolutely world class. Budapest and Munich weren't half bad either. So here we are, back home and blogging again. Must admit, we both missed The Snug while we were away, nice to see our pals/customers again.

Now then, if you look in the right side bar you will see our Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. It seems a long, long time since we nervously checked our first Trip Advisor review and here we are, approaching our second birthday, with that certificate on our wall and the Lunesdale CAMRA Pub of the Year 2013 award also on our wall. Many thanks to all who have taken time and trouble to vote for us or post a review, it really is appreciated by us both.

So, with a huge thank you to the girls for doing such a great job while we were away, here is what we have to offer the discerning drinker today:

Marble-Dobber 5%
Coastal-Poseidon  4%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Single Track 4%
Borough-Summertime Dark 4%
Fell-AAA 4.4%

Bristol Port Cider 5%
Weston's old Rosie 7.3%

Now time for some music. I usually try and pick some music that has some kind of a link, often very tenuous so I can squeeze my favourites in, to the beer we have on, but today it's a bit different. Ceca is one of my favourites so I am bunging Pila on as a thank you to Slobodan, Nada and Grandma for their warm hospitality, not to mention Mike and Marina. Zivela Srbija!