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Friday, 24 July 2015

The Weekend Starts Here!

Well, it's our third birthday next Saturday (Aug 1st) and we'll be celebrating with some lovely pies at lunchtime courtesy of Wigan Bob while Chris is providing some Japanese delicacies in the evening. There will be other delicacies too and some cracking beers, including some bottled Japanese beers.

Best wishes to Norman from all of us in The Snug. He's had a short spell in hospital and we are looking forward to seeing him back in soon. Best wishes similarly to Bob who's not been well and Jackie who's been nursing him. I'm sure they too will be back in soon, lured to us no doubt by the Marble Pint.

So what's on today I hear you ask. Here we go:

Boggart-Rum Porter 4.6%
Lacons-Pale Ale 3.9%
Dark Star-Sunburst 4.8%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Singletrack 4%
Naylor's-USAle 5%

Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%
Cornish Orchard's-Vintage Cider 7.2%
Cornish Orchard's-Pear Cider 5%

Now, a little something for Bob:


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Le Tour, The Ashes and Beer

Great few weeks ahead with le Tour in its first week and The Ashes kicking off today. Thanks to Carnforth Cricket Club we had a great night on Friday watching Lancashire thrash Yorkshire in the T20 followed by Inspiral Carpets playing live. Happy days!

Manchester continues to boom with cracking breweries. We've had several beers on from Cloudwater in recent months which have proved extremely popular. Meanwhile Blackjack are now running the Smithfield Tavern on Swan Street in Manchester which will prove extremely popular I'm sure when we have our annual Snug Christmas outing to Manchester, which is provisionally 29 November. I will do some research before then!

So here are the beers we are offering tonight:

Bowness Bay-Swan Black IPA 4.6%
Ulverston-Royal Reserve 6%
Stewart's-Edinburgh No 3 4.3%
Stockport-Cascade 4%
Fell-Nectar 4.2%

Next up Stringers-The North Will Rise Again and Anarchy-Sublime Chaos.

Weston's-Family Reserve Cider 5%
Cornish Orchards-Vintage Cider 7.2%

But for now time for one of my all time favourite singers while I watch a bit of the cycling:

Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer's Back!

OK we had a bit of a storm on Wednesday night but it's great to have some hot weather, even if it has arrived after our short break.

So, what are we offering the discerning drinker today? We'll let you know in a minute.

First a bit of news. We celebrate our third anniversary on August 1st and we are planning a Japanese evening with a range of four bottled Japanese beers and delicious sushi. More of that anon.

We have a provisional date of September 6th for our next Snug outing which will be a return to the East Lancashire Railway. More information as plans are finalised.

But today we have:

Stewart's-Edinburgh Gold 4.8%
Dark Star-Espresso 4.2%
Ulverston-Royal Reserve 6%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Tiffin Gold 3.6%
Wild Beers-Bibble 4.2%

For cider drinkers we have:

Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%
Cornish Orchards-Vintage 7.2%
Weston's-Family Reserve 5%

Big weekend this for the Greeks, so this one's for them:

Friday, 12 June 2015


The weather's great as it was on Sunday when 62 of us took a charabanc to Hawkshead Brewery/Staveley and Unsworth's Yard/Cartmel. A cracking time was had by all and our thanks go to all involved. Our next trip is pencilled in for 6 September and will be a return visit to the East Lancashire Railway. Watch this space.

We are also mulling over ideas for our third anniversary on August 1st. Yes, three years! Where does the time go?

We have some fine ales making their debuts soon from Highland Brewery, Orkney, Wild Beer Co, Somerset and Stewart Brewing, Edinburgh. But today we have:

Marble-Howgate and Kemp 6.4%
Cloudwater-Session IPA 4.8%
Bowland-Chipping Steamer 3.9%
Gloucester-Cascade 4.2%
Stringers-No 2 Stout 4%

Coming next Kirkby Lonsdale-Singletrack and Hawkshead ITI Pale Ale.

Westons-Old Rosie 7.3%
Lilleys-Bee Sting Perry 4.5%
Gwynt y Ddraig-Happy Daze Medium Cider 4.5%

But for now:

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sunday June 7th

Please note that we will be closed this Sunday June 7th. Open as usual today, Friday and Saturday.

This is because nearly 70 of us are off on one of our quarterly Snug outings this time to Staveley (Hawkshead Brewery) and then to Cartmel for a visit especially to Unsworth's Yard.

Thank you for your understanding. Now here's one for those who couldn't decide whether to join us on the trip or not:

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday is Birthday Day

A couple of good friends have birthdays today, Mike and Victoria, so there will be various nibbles available for us to  graze on while we enjoy some excellent beers, ciders and wine this afternoon. Happy birthday to both.

Today we have:

Stockport-Buck Bitter 4.8%
Blackjack-Play Your Cards Rye't
London Beer Company-Session 3.8%
Exmoor-Ale 3.8%
Fell-Robust Porter 4.6%

Abrahall's-Slack Alice (medium cider) 4.5%
Weston's-Old Rosie (scrumpy) 7.3%
Lilley's-Bee Sting (perry) 7.5%

Today we are also introducing 200ml bottles of Prosecco at £4 per bottle in addition to our range of three reds, three whites, two roses and Prosecco (75cl by the bottle).

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Current Beers and Pint Records

Well, some time ago we set a record for selling a cask of Marble Pint in 1hr 50 mins. We then beat that down to 1 hr 35 mins. On Friday last week we had a very busy night and the first beer went at 5 30 when the Marble Pint went on. At 6 20 the cask was empty, yes 50 minutes, our new record. Even more impressive that there were 4 other pumps on at the same time.

So, after all that excitement what fine ales are we offering today? Here we go:

Marble Ginger 5.1%
Deeply Vale DV8 Stout 4.8%
Scarborough Old Sailor 4.9%
Wall's Yorkshire Gold 4.2%
Ulverston Royal Reserve 6%

Westons Old Rosie 7.3%
Abrahall's Slack Alice 4.6%
Lilley's Bee Sting Perry 7.5%

Now for my favourite Penguin Café Orchestra number, just because I can: